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When I started this series of paintings I didn’t know exactly what I would be creating. For a long time I have felt that in the process of learning about art my work had lost some of its voice. I wanted to reclaim the feeling of catharsis and enjoyment that I felt when I first got seriously into painting. So I started from nothing. No sketches, minimal reference, no drawings, no rules. Just painting and exploration. Anything that I did not connect with emotionally I threw away or destroyed until it worked.
These pieces are a part of my story, my discomfort, and my journey towards accepting myself as a queer, non-binary person.

Embrace Uncertainty

  • Details

    The painting was created using traditional oil painting and digital techniques to create something truly unique and different.

    • Limited Edition run of 50
    • 11in x 14in
    • This is a high quality giclée print of my original painting.  Printed on heavy museum grade cotton paper using 9 colour archival inks.
    • Each print is signed and carefully packed and shipped.
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