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Hello Friend,

I'm Noah Hirka - an artist based out of the verdant mountains and twisted forests of Vermont.

My work often includes stark contrasts in both a graphical and topical sense.  While the pieces are often violently vibrant and joyful at a glance there is a sense of tension and of deep sorrow that underlays them.  A darkly surreal logic permeates the paintings and the line between reality and dream is blurred.  Whimsical cyclops are juxtaposed with stone faced and serious humanity.

My process is highly intuitive, emotional, and experimental.  There is a constant flow between creation and analysis - almost like a conversation that I am having with the painting.  Through that conversation I discover new and exciting parts of both myself and the world around me.  That "conversation" is what I believe draws people to my work.

Over the years I have applied my creative energy as a graphic designer, game designer, podcaster, DJ, and fashion designer.  This wide approach and exploration of creativity has lead me to new ideas and approaches that are unique to their experience.

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